Miller Financial Services

Cindy A. Miller, CPA began her career in 1989 in Las Vegas, Nevada, helping businesses from local start-ups to multi-million dollar companies. Cindy developed her Las Vegas business and then expanded her practice into California. She continues to maintain these original accounts after relocating her office to Johnson City, New York in October of 2000, as Miller Financial Services.

Now, Miller Financial Services has become a diversified practice encompassing a range of services. Our team is highly experienced in the areas of small business and nonprofit accounting, as well as individual, corporate, and nonprofit taxation. Additionally, we provide consultation and expertise in areas such as wealth management and retirement planning.

Miller Financial Services is continuously growing. We seek new members that can enhance our team and service our growing client base. Our team provides the confidence needed to help our clients achieve business and personal financial success.


Our Vision


As an accounting firm, we aim to keep a high standard of moral and professional integrity. Transparency and reliability continue to be cornerstones of our practice. Our code of ethics plays an important role in developing close relationships with our clients. We focus on being a dependable firm that our clients can trust.

Client Focus 

Our clients are our top priority. Developing and supporting strong client relationships allow us to better know and understand our clients' financial situations. This enables us to meet our client needs and design a strategy for their success. It is our goal to exceed expectations and ensure satisfaction.  

Professional Excellence

We are committed to providing professional excellence. Our ethics ensure confidentiality and security for our clients. We work together to address every challenge with mindfulness, proficiency, and determination. As representatives of Miller Financial Services, we ensure that every client receives service in a timely manner and receives work that is crafted to their individual circumstances.


The Miller Financial Services team works together to present the highest quality work to our clients. We strive to provide the best service by combining our diverse experience and skills. Furthermore, our reach is not limited to our office. We have strong relationships with external professionals that allow us to extend the reach of our expertise. 


Knowledge is power. At Miller Financial Services, we give our clients the knowledge they need to run their businesses and financial lives. Finances can be daunting to clients, but through our expertise and guidance, we give our clients the tools for financial success. We also give our employees the knowledge and resources needed to produce excellent work and perform at their best.

Our History

Miller Financial Services actively works towards forming stronger client relationships and providing employees with opportunities for growth.


We will continue to develop a pleasant and professional work environment by giving our team key education and training. We hope to foster their unique strengths and match them with our clients' needs. 


We constantly focus on staying current with technology, tax laws, accounting principles, and other changes in our profession. Our goal is to make it easy and convenient to work with our clients while providing the highest quality services possible.


We are continually growing and expanding the depth of services offered in order to give our clients the tools they may require to successfully manage their financial wealth.

Our Values

Professional Accounting, Tax & Financial Services