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Miller Financial Services offers an Internship program that is available to college students interested in learning and experiencing real life accounting. We offer students the opportunity to utilize skills learned in their classrooms at our office. Students will handle a variety of tasks that will allow them to gain a first-hand experience of an accountant's day to day life. The professionals and interns work together in a comfortable environment that allows for lifelong relationships and career growth.

The internship program is an opportunity for both students and professionals to exchange ideas and learn from one another. Interns will perform duties such as researching and brainstorming solutions for new or ongoing issues in tax and audit. Additionally, interns will work with tax returns and familiarize themselves with tax documents and the complexities of differing tax situations. We hope to challenge and inspire growth in every student to unlock all the potential we know they have. At the end of the internship, students will have sharpened their leadership and work skills, giving them a stronger profile for future job opportunities. 

Interns continue to enhance our team through their decision-making and endless efforts. We provide them with a pleasant and enjoyable work environment that allows them to be creative and unique. Resumes can be emailed to Come join us at Miller Financial Services! 

We provide the tools to build a stronger you.

Internship Program